Browse and act on your My Tasks list without leaving Emacs!



You'll need these packages, available from melpa via M-x package-install: helm exec-path-from-shell

Getting Started

Add this to your .bash_profile (or wherever you keep your environment):

# Get a Personal Access Token from the `apps' tab in your app.asana.com profile settings.
export ASANA_TOKEN="<my-asana-personal-access-token>" 

Add this to your init.el: elisp (global-asana-mode 1) ;; or, if you prefer, use it in specific major modes: ;; (add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'asana-mode) ;; (add-hook 'prog-mode-hook 'asana-mode) ;; (add-hook 'text-mode-hook 'asana-mode)


[Optional] The default prefix for asana-mode commands is C-c a. To change it, add this to your init.el: elisp (setq asana-keymap-prefix "C-c C-a") ; Or whatever you'd like to use as your prefix

Available commands

In the asana-mode minor mode, the following interactive commands are available:

helm-asana [C-c a a]
helm-asana-change-workspace [C-c a A]

asana-create-task-quickly [C-c a c]
asana-create-task [C-c a C]

The helm-asana task list provides these actions: Select (view task details in buffer) [RET] Browse (open in Asana) [C-b] Move to section [C-:] Complete [C-RET] Delete [C-DEL] Move all marked tasks to section [M-:] Complete all marked tasks [M-RET] Delete all marked tasks [M-DEL]

Known issues

OSX El Capitan can break exec-path-from-shell, which corrupts your access token as it gets imported into Emacs. See https://github.com/purcell/exec-path-from-shell/issues/41 for more details. One available workaround is to disable OSX bash sessions with touch ~/.bash_sessions_disable.